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Raven gets a total beating and wakes to find his life is being turned upside down... He can no longer escape from his job he so desperately wants to leave. What is that under his eye? Carae meets a guy who may be her "destined one" but doesn't know his name... but she has no time for love, her duty always comes first! But he appears in front of her eyes again! Is it really destiny? An action/drama with a slice of comedy and romance! Older Teens (16+) Updates twice every week.


» Lack of Updates...

Hi everyone,
you may be wondering why there hasn't been any updates this week. I apologize for the lack of updates this week, this has been the strangest week for me. I went back to my home city last weekend, so I couldn't work on my pages, then when I got back I was hit with a pile of work which I did not see coming (I guess this is what I get when I go home, ( it's because I'm Mancunian isn't it?))
Anyway with my deadlines met, I'm not working on it right now so once again, sorry to keep you guys waiting and thanks for your patience.


» 1 Month Already~!

A page update for today :) Raven... I missed drawing you lol.

» No Update on Thursday?

Hey everyone, this week has been a little hectic. Firstly it was the Royal Wedding; as a Brit, this wedding was a must see and I sat glued to the TV all day! No work was done that day!
Then today is a bank holiday, so many days off, and everyone including myself feel odd.

I have a few deadlines this week, some charity work and an interview coming up, so I might not update this Thursday, but fingers crossed. I'll do my best.

» Edit

There have been some changes, I've just noticed some mistakes on the current pages. So I've corrected them, I hope that's better.
So I like to announce, the comic will be updated every Monday and Thursday.

» What?

What is this? Another update? Yesh, I've got a lot of work done and managed to work on the comic. So here is an extra treat. There will still be an update tomorrow, enjoy!

» Hello!

Hello everyone, I'm Clo-u-d and welcome! This is my first web comic I've done in so many years, I hope you guys will like it and follow it, maybe pester me for updates ect (seemingly optimistic there)...
I've uploaded the first 8 pages and the next update will be on 15th, if I'd worked hard I may even post two pages.

I will so get to work on some character pages ect... and even the... *gulp* author page.


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